Environmental Partners was built on the core philosophy that a strict focus on client service through partnership creates added value for our clients.

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Civil Site

We provided site analysis and planning, design, cost estimating, funding procurement, Massachusetts Contingency Plan actions, construction administration, and public advocacy for the redevelopment of a public baseball field that had been closed due to public safety concerns over exposed burn waste in the outfield.

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Cost effective civil site planning is a hallmark of any good construction project. Our team of civil engineers has the years of experience needed to assess the implication of site design early in the process. As a result, we can provide our clients with immediate return on their investment in our team. Our civil site team can recognize environmental and regulatory impacts, potential grading and earthwork concerns, stormwater management issues, and potential transportation issues. Our team communicates effectively with our clients and raises important civil site issues early in the process, thereby saving our clients the pitfalls of an alternate course.

We have completed detailed design for multiple recreational parks and athletic field complexes, from four acres in size, up to eighty acres. Our projects include multi-use fields and low-impact recreational components, walking trails, integration with water uses and man-made wetlands, permeable pavements, stormwater controls, and extensive irrigation systems employing on-site wells with capacities in excess of 120 gallons per minute.

Weymouth - Julia Field Remediation and Field Improvements

In the early 1970’s, ash from the Town’s incinerator was used to fill in a wetland area off Julia Road...

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Hanover - Development of King Street Recreation Complex

The Town of Hanover, Massachusetts has engaged Environmental Partners Group to perform engineering and supplemental services for field investigations and...

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