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As part of our permitting for a new solid waste landfill for mining byproduct materials, we conducted a slope stability analysis and have been conducting ongoing monitoring of a 700-foot-high slope whose materials are comprised of past byproduct materials that were deposited along the slope over decades.

Geotechnical engineering can be a critical component on a wide variety of projects, from small earthwork construction projects, to large development, utility, and treatment plant projects. We have a complete understanding of what it takes to investigate earthwork and foundation issues, both in the field and in the laboratory. From our extensive experience comes a full understanding of the cost implications of our design recommendations. Over the years our staff has worked on many geotechnical projects that required foundation analysis; compaction control; extensive earth support systems; slope stability analysis and monitoring; tunneling, micro-tunneling, and pipe jacking.


Weymouth - Legion Field Site Analysis and Geotechnical Design

Legion Field is located in a critical part of Weymouth, a short distance from Town Hall.  The field has played...

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Peddocks Island - Horizontal Directional Drilling Tunnel

Peddocks Island, located between the coasts of Hull and Quincy, Massachusetts, is one of the largest and most ecologically diverse...

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