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Master Planning

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The development, expansion, upgrading, and operation of modern water supply systems is a very expensive and complex endeavor. Escalating capital and operating costs, and the maintenance of customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance call for detailed planning and scheduling efforts. Therefore, one of the most critical tools for properly managing public water systems is a Master Plan. Environmental Partners has assisted numerous communities in developing an effective Water System Master Plan, providing a comprehensive assessment of their water system and a road map for the future.

Although no two master plans are exactly the same, the most common components include: supply and demand assessments; distribution system evaluations; storage assessments; regulatory compliance reviews; evaluation of guidelines and policies; and the development of a capital improvement plan. Once a strategic implementation plan for the capital improvements is established, communities have an effective basis for managing water rates and addressing water system deficiencies. We would be happy to discuss your planning needs and develop an approach to master planning for your community.

Hanover - Water System Master Plan

Environmental Partners assisted the Town of Hanover with their water system master planning activities.  The purpose of the planning was...

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