Environmental Partners was built on the core philosophy that a strict focus on client service through partnership creates added value for our clients.

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Operations Support

Environmental Partners has assisted with the management and administration of several water systems in Massachusetts, performing in the role of “Water Superintendent” and completing the following support functions: supervising and directing staff; ensuring regulatory compliance; capital planning; meter reading and billing assistance; and the preparation of written reports and oral presentations for local and regulatory officials. 

In addition, Environmental Partners has completed detailed assessments of the management, performance, and physical condition of full scale treatment facilities, including Comprehensive Performance Evaluations (CPEs), facility audits, and field assessments.  Our staff understands the complexity of water system operations because we have managed and staffed a number of treatment plants and water systems; developed standard operation and maintenance procedures; completed trouble-shooting and repair of chemical, mechanical, electrical, and SCADA system components; and completed routine monitoring and regulatory reporting of water quality and treatment.

Orleans - Water Treatment Plant Improvements and Operations Assistance

Environmental Partners was retained by the Town of Orleans to identify performance limiting factors, develop effective solutions, and design improvements...

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