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Water Treatment

Our philosophy of working closely with our clients and having water treatment plant operators participate in the process provides valuable insights in treatment facility design and upgrades.

Virtually all public water supplies of any significant size require some form of treatment. Groundwater treatment requirements may range from simple disinfection or pH adjustment to more complex treatment schemes for iron and manganese removal. Surface water supplies typically require more extensive treatment for removal of dissolved and suspended solids and microorganisms that normal disinfection will not remove. Treatability studies should be conducted in order to properly determine the optimum treatment plan.

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Environmental Partners has performed numerous bench scale, pilot scale, and full scale water treatability studies and demonstration tests throughout New England. All of these projects have involved the collection, review, and assessment of source water quality information; the identification of pertinent operational parameters such as chemical dosing and hydraulic loading rates; an assessment of treatment performance with respect towater quality; and the development of standard operating procedures.

Environmental Partners has successfully led the design, construction, and start-up operations for new surface water and groundwater treatment plants with capacities up to 8 MGD, as well as upgrades to existing water supply and treatment facilities. Our staff has also designed and managed the construction of components of various water system facility projects including: chemical storage, handling, feeding, and mixing systems; piping, valving, and pumping facilities; unit processes, including aeration, flocculation, dissolved air flotation, and filtration; SCADA and security systems; distributions systems; and residuals storage and handling facilities.

Plymouth - Bradford Well Treatment Plant Phase III Improvements

The Bradford Well and Treatment facility is a 1.5 MGD groundwater supply treatment plant.

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Weymouth - Great Pond Water Treatment Plant

The Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts operates two conventional water filtration facilities.  Episodes of unacceptable water quality led Environmental Partners to...

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Braintree - Great Pond Reservoir Pilot Study

Environmental Partners performed a Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of the existing treatment plant in Braintree, MA the results of which indicated...

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