Andover’s Active Transportation Plan

A Complete Street is one that makes travel safe, comfortable, convenient, and accessible for all travel modes – including walking, biking, transit, and vehicles – for people of all ages, and abilities.

EP is working with the Town of Andover, MA to improve the travel experience for all users through the development of an Active Transportation Plan and Complete Streets Prioritization Plan. The Active Transportation Plan will provide a framework for expanding pedestrian and bicycle use in Town through establishing design criteria, proposed bicycle and pedestrian networks, and preferred typical sections for various types of roadways. This plan will feed into the Town’s Prioritization Plan to identify high-priority projects for improving safety and comfort for all users throughout Town.

This effort has generated enthusiasm throughout Town, with more than 2,800 comments received on the Public Comment Tool this year. Scheduled for completion in Spring 2024, the project’s online dashboard provides an opportunity for the public and other stakeholders to dive into the details. Check out more at the Town’s website here: