Owner’s Project Management (OPM)

The core duty of the OPM is to protect the Owner’s interests from design through construction, ensuring a successful project outcome and identifying any technical, cost, or schedule concerns as early as possible.

Functioning as an extension to municipal staff throughout the planning, design, and construction phases, Environmental Partners (EP) has a team of highly experienced representatives to support and represent Owners during construction projects. With Owner’s Representative and Owner’s Project Management (OPM) experience in building, utilities, treatment facilities, and emergency projects, EP has a longstanding history of building strong relationships between the Owner, designer, and contractors, ultimately ensuring that the Owner’s interests throughout the planning, design, and construction phases are met, and delivering projects within the Owner’s expectations of cost, schedule, and quality. EP’s OPM team possesses the technical and management skills necessary to interface smoothly with owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors; navigate procurement regulations; assist with designer selection and contractor prequalification; and support contractor procurement and construction management, including design/build/operate projects.

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