MS4 Stormwater Permitting

In response to serious concerns over stormwater runoff and related pollution, the U.S. EPA sets strict regulations and requires specialized permits for stormwater discharges.

Supporting communities to comply with all phases of EPA’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program, Environmental Partners (EP) continues to provide comprehensive MS4 support as clients strive to maintain compliance and progress in their stormwater management programs. Working closely with clients, EP tailors programs to meet the MS4 requirements, and meet each client’s specific environmental, public health, and budgetary needs. EP has significant experience coordinating and managing the entire multi-year program including developing Illicit discharge detection and elimination (IDDE) plans, and the associated field work such as sampling, screening, and drainage system investigations; drafting ordinances and bylaws; creating stormwater management plans and stormwater pollution prevention plans with facility inspections; building storm drain maps and asset inventories; and assisting with annual reporting and training.

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