Peer Review

With a team of highly experienced engineers accustomed to analyzing, designing, and permitting a wide array of transportation, site, water, sewer, and drainage projects, Environmental Partners (EP) provides peer reviews for municipal sector clients including Planning Boards, Public Works, Conservation Commissions, and Zoning Boards.

Municipalities frequently face the responsibility of identifying the positive and/or negative impacts a private development project would have on their community and infrastructure. While in most cases the benefit of increased tax revenue from these developments is easy to identify, it is imperative that all impacts are taken into consideration to make an informed decision. EP is accustomed to providing these services to ensure that impacts identified by the proponent’s designs are accurate, comprehensive, and that the community’s best interests are being looked after. Working on both sides of private development projects has provided EP with the experience needed to perform extensive evaluations and shed light on all types of impacts to be considered.

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