Stormwater Master Planning

New regulations surrounding the management of stormwater have created a renewed focus on how municipalities manage stormwater from both a water quality and quantity perspective.

One requirement of the EPA’s Phase II Stormwater Program (MS4) is the creation and continued updating of an overarching Stormwater Management Plan. Taking the need for preparation of this required plan into account, Environmental Partners (EP) approaches Stormwater Management by also considering the need to manage the impacts of stormwater on potential flooding issues within a community. By treating the topics of quality and quantity simultaneously, EP effectively manages escalating capital and operating cost investments in stormwater infrastructure and tailors plans to fit the unique needs of each client, taking into consideration overlapping concerns related to stormwater management, flood control, pollution control, watershed protection, and wastewater management. While no two master plans are the same, the most common components include: mapping and GIS data management, gap analysis identification of priority areas, regulatory compliance, evaluation of current practices and budgets, development of capital improvements including hydrologic modeling and cost estimating.

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