Hydrogeology/New Source Investigations

As communities grow, many face the need for additional drinking water supplies to support residential, commercial, and industrial demands.

With the constant threat of contamination, declining capacity or drought, many communities have begun to look for new water sources and Environmental Partners (EP) has extensive experience in the often complex process of new source development for both surface and groundwater supplies. Services include the new source approval permit process, which involves safe yield analyses, complex drilling, and groundwater modeling to assess aquifer behavior and characteristics; comprehensive test drilling programs to evaluate water quality; implementing aquifer and saltwater interface monitoring systems incorporating real-time water quality monitoring at various depths using online instrumentation and SCADA technology; and state-of-the-art geophysics to locate promising bedrock fracture zones, leading to successful bedrock well development.

EP’s portfolio of projects includes investigation, planning, and design services for entirely new water supplies and distribution systems.