Site/Civil Engineering

Environmental Partners’ (EP) staff of site civil engineers are adept at working with survey information to optimize grading and drainage, stormwater controls and detention system design, utility coordination, and parking and site traffic management, and has the experience needed to assess the implication of site design early in the process.

EP’s team is fully versed in environmental and regulatory impacts and permitting requirements, and can effectively communicate any site issues to clients to be addressed early in the process, saving time and invaluable resources. EP has completed detailed design for diverse site/civil projects, including general municipal facility site designs, detention basins, rain gardens and bioswale systems, walking trails, integration with water uses, man-made wetlands, permeable pavements, stormwater and erosion controls, recreational parks and athletic field complexes, transfer station upgrades, and landfill facility permitting and planning. In addition to design, EP’s civil engineering team can provide independent design and peer reviews for projects including drainage, subdivision plans, and construction administration services.

Service Leaders