Drainage Design

An integral part of most projects, proper Drainage Design often determines the long and short term success of a project.

Without proper drainage, communities and clients face flooding, untreated runoff, and many additional environmental impacts. Environmental Partners (EP) understands the importance of drainage and provides design services on a variety of projects, from stormwater to transportation. EP has assisted many municipalities to address inadequate existing drainage systems in a wide breadth of settings from small neighborhoods to complex urban networks with services including design, planning, bidding, and construction administration. EP is prequalified by MassDOT for hydraulics and hydrology, and wetlands and water quality mitigation, both of which are directly related to stormwater drainage design activities. Plans are tailored to the unique needs of our clients, taking into consideration available budgets, mapping resources, surface water quality impairments, groundwater source protection needs and overlapping concerns related to water supply and wastewater management.

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