Highland Road Flood Mitigation

EP worked with the Town of Truro to provide flood mitigation to one of Truro’s most highly trafficked areas on Highland Road, which is within a MassDOT Highway Layout.

During regular storms Highland Avenue would flood, which presented safety concerns and issues for local businesses. EP completed an alternatives analysis using HydroCAD Hydrologic-Hydraulic modelling software. The selected solution included a drainage retrofit that included diverting up to 10,000-gallons of stormwater from Route 6, which sits above Highland Road, to a surface infiltration basin with forebay treatment. EP and the Town of Truro worked closely with MassDOT and abutting property owners during design and construction.

The project was completed in January 2023. We are pleased to report that this drainage retrofit has significantly reduced flooding on Highland Road.

May 2022 Update

The Town of Truro sees regular local flooding on one of its main areas on Highland Road, a MassDOT maintained roadway. Flooding has been observed at more than 1-foot deep causing traffic safety issues and structural damage.

EP worked closely with the Town and MassDOT, creating solutions for flooding relief and stormwater treatment benefits. EP will continue to support the Town during bidding and construction, with project construction beginning in Fall 2022 using MassWorks funding, and is excited to see the community get relief from these ongoing challenges.

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