Infrastructure Asset Management

Infrastructure Asset Management is critical to the sustainability of our communities. Agency roads, sidewalks, water treatment facilities, sewer systems and bridges all play a critical role in servicing constituents. These components of public infrastructure are naturally interconnected, allowing significant cost savings to be realized when managed together. GIS technology and Infrastructure Management provide municipalities with the ability to collect, organize, and integrate both condition and asset data, allowing plans and strategies to form with quantitative supporting information.

Providing Geographic Information System (GIS), related mapping, and a wide range of Asset Management services, Environmental Partners’ (EP) expertise includes supporting water, wastewater, and stormwater master planning; town-wide Pavement Management, ADA compliance assessments, sign inventories, and Complete Streets assessments; and municipal utilities location mapping. Much of our Asset Management results in the preparation of Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) that are depended upon by our municipal clients. EP uses the latest GIS technology to develop geographic data including GPS and mobile computing to enhance field data collection and mapping. Additional services include creating and hosting mobile web-based applications for GIS data on servers, extending its usage without the need for expensive software licenses or training, providing maintenance staff opportunities to work in the field more efficiently and effectively.

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