ADA Compliance & Complete Streets Assessments

Ensuring that all users are able to access public spaces and places safely, comfortably, and without barriers is the best way to make a community livable and inclusive.

Complete Streets and ADA compliance is a vital part of Transportation infrastructure. Recent incentives are in place to assist municipalities in promoting Complete Streets, starting in Massachusetts with the MassDOT Complete Streets Funding program. Environmental Partners (EP) provides assistance with this program utilizing GIS to collect existing pedestrian, bicycle, and transit accommodations, prioritize gaps and deficiencies, and quantify construction costs to remedy. The tool not only assists with the funding program but provides the municipality with a useful tool in planning infrastructure improvements for years to come. EP also provides communities with inventories that focus on ADA compliance including assessment of all sidewalks and ramps town-wide. The GIS tool created by EP allows for projects to be planned and phased and the resulting construction cost estimate identified.

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