Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plans (CWMPs)

A Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) is a community’s commitment to manage its water resources to meet current and future human needs, as well as those of the natural environment.

Environmental Partners (EP) has successfully completed CWMPs for communities to chart the path for continued community growth and health. These wastewater management programs have addressed nutrient reduction to restore estuaries, economic growth limited by a lack of wastewater capacity, water management and aquifer recharge, stormwater management, and the impact of humans on water resources with many including the use of non-traditional nutrient management options; long range strategic planning; cost projections of alternatives; impact on community long-term financial commitments; and recommendations for phased mitigation pegged to growth projections. Effective wastewater management planning engages a community and accommodates planned growth while maintaining and improving human and environmental health. EP’s CWMP plans have charted the long-term balance of the human-made environment, the natural environment, and community growth.

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