Announcing Benjamin Mangan, PE

Congratulations to Ben Mangan, PE for passing the April 2018 Professional Engineering Examination.

“Passing the PE exam is a momentous occasion and the culmination of not just hard work preparing for the test, but also dedication to our profession at an early career stage. Ben is no stranger to hard work and dedication and it is great to see it pay off!” shared Project Manager Ryan Allgrove.

When asked what licensure means to him, Ben stated “For me, my PE license represents a significant amount of personal investment dedicated to advancing my professional career. This investment not only includes the time spent studying directly for the exam, but also the time spent earning my college degree and gaining professional experience.”

“Earning a PE license was a goal of mine since choosing to pursue a career in civil engineering. Earning your license puts you in an exclusive category within our field and gives you additional credibility with your peers and clients.”

As he looks forward to what this exciting step means, Ben says he is “eager to transition the motivation and drive utilized during the exam preparation process to my everyday work. And excited to take on more responsibilities within my current and future projects including design lead roles and gaining additional project management experience.”

Congratulations Ben! We appreciate and respect your drive and are excited for the opportunities ahead that are a direct result of your hard work and commitment.

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