Aaron W. Oliver

Senior Project Scientist

About Aaron

Aaron is a Senior Project Scientist at Environmental Partners with 5 years of experience in Drinking Water, Environmental, and Stormwater services. He specializes in environmental drilling, site characterization and field sampling, field oversight and management, environmental remediation, and water resource investigations. Aaron is responsible for assisting our clients with water resource management and expansion, as well as stormwater permitting tasks.

His project experience includes working on large-scale drinking water investigations, long-term monitoring of hazardous waste sites, chemical characterization and extent delineation of site contamination, and remedial design and performance monitoring. Aaron is experienced in field sampling for water, soil, soil vapor, and air using a variety of methods and techniques.

Aaron obtained a Professional Science Master’s degree in Environmental Assessment and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kansas. He is also involved in Sustainable Harvest International and has a passion for climate modeling work to inform environmental planning under future challenges.