EP Celebrates National Engineers Week 2023

EP celebrates National Engineers Week 2023 by sharing highlights from some of our staff and what engineering means to them!

I grew up on Lake Ontario, and I remember one Spring when extreme lake levels drastically impacted my town. I always knew I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to use math and science to make an impact, and after witnessing how closely our natural environment and infrastructure are tied to community wellbeing, I knew environmental engineering was the path I wanted to take.

Hanna Schenkel

I enjoy the versatile skillset that the job helps me to build. Whether I am designing a new site, coordinating with engineers from other disciplines, working on a construction site, or forging a working relationship with a new client, I enjoy finding new ways to learn and better ways to work.

Jesse O’Donnell

My favorite thing about being an engineer is being able to see a specific project from start to finish. There’s a satisfaction to seeing a design move from CAD into the real world, and looking back at how a project has evolved from conception to implementation can really be a fascinating experience. There can be a lot of backstory to a design decision on a job, and recalling the emails, calls, and client meetings that went into it to finally get it done is like a trip down memory lane.

Sabrina Castaneda

I’ve always been pretty savvy when it comes to math and science; however, it wasn’t until I attended vocational high school where I was able to utilize my skills in a practical setting. I toured engineering technology as one of my selected shop classes and instantly felt connected to the profession and its impact on our day-today lives. One of my former teachers was a retired civil engineer and really acted as a great mentor for me as I progressed through high school and into college.

Andrew Grota

I’m still a young engineer but from what I’ve learned so far, I’d say the ability to communicate effectively is probably the most important skill for an engineer. Sure, it helps to have technical skills, but at the end of the day we are trying to design solutions for people, so we need to be able to communicate our ideas to clients and accept their feedback. Teamwork is also critically important for our projects, which involves constant communication.

Lauren Howe

The best part of being an engineer is being responsible for coming up with innovative solutions, and seeing those solutions come to life to benefit a community.

Dylan O’Donnell