Recycling & Solid Waste Transfer Station Improvements

  • Client

    Town of Dennis

  • EP’s Role


EP was retained by the Town of Dennis Department of Public Works (DPW) to design, permit, and oversee construction of improvements to the Dennis Transfer Station. The focus of these improvements was to expand the recycling area to meet current demands, reduce traffic congestion, improve traffic circulation and site safety, and provided a new office and maintenance building for DPW staff.

EP developed a phased construction approach that accomplished the following:

  • Eliminated conflicts of the public’s vehicle traffic with that from the DPW operations.
  • Reduced traffic congestion, queuing, and public safety hazards at the recycling area.
  • Increased on-site facilities for staff and equipment to improve ease and efficiency of Transfer Station operations.
  • Provided improved paving, striping, and signage to improve traffic circulation at the Transfer Station.
  • Provided new office and maintenance building for DPW staff.
  • Improved on-site utilities, including new electrical service, site lighting, gas service, drainage improvements, water main improvements, and new septic system.

Since the Transfer Station typically operates on a 5-day schedule during normal off-season operations and expands to a 7-day schedule during the summer, EP worked with the Town on developing a phased construction approach that would maintain facility operations while construction was on-going. EP issued construction documents for the proposed Transfer Station improvements in March 2019.

Construction of the improvements began in July 2019 and was completed in May 2022. Construction was overseen by EP and Pomroy Associates, the Town’s OPM for the project.

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