Service Material Identification Program

  • Client

    Aquarion Water Company

  • EP’s Role


Environmental Partners (EP) assisted Aquarion Water Company in the implementation of a water service line material identification program. Aquarion identified properties for the program in a number of water systems in Connecticut and EP performed initial site visits and secured necessary permissions and permits.

The investigations were completed using hydro-vacuum excavation methods to expose pipe systems at the curb box for visual inspection with minimal disturbance. Materials were identified for the pipe from the water main to the curb stop, owned by Aquarion, and for the pipe from the curb stop to the building, owned by the customer.

In 2017 and 2018, EP assisted with three phases of the program performing approximately 800 pre-excavation site visits to locate the curb box and assess conditions at properties identified by Aquarion. Of those sites, over 550 were selected for excavation and material identification based on criteria designated by Aquarion. For each water system, EP coordinated with town officials and, when applicable, the Connecticut Department of Transportation to secure the necessary permissions and permitting to perform the excavations. Appropriate traffic controls were arranged based on town and permit requirements.

Excavations were completed using the hydro-vacuum excavation method, which minimizes the size of each excavation, reducing the impact to customer property. Once exposed, service material was inspected and identified using a variety of tests including visual inspection, scratch test, magnet test, and/or swab test. The excavations were immediately backfilled with gravel. Grass areas were restored with topsoil, seed and straw, and asphalt and concrete areas were restored to meet town, and where applicable, state standards. In landscaped or brick areas, care was taken to stockpile materials and restore to previous conditions minimizing disturbance to the area.

EP provided detailed reporting on program results. Summaries of pipe materials for both Aquarion- and customer-owned pipe were provided including photos of exposed pipe, depth of pipe and service line size. Curb stops located during site visits but that did not meet the excavation criteria were documented for potential future excavation. Additionally, for excavated service lines without existing tie cards, EP created and provided tie cards to Aquarion.