Four Corners Sewer Extension

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    Town of Groton

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As a dedicated business district, the Four Corners Village of Groton, MA was not reaching its development potential or its tax revenue potential. Prior to the sewer system extension, multiple vacant lots in the Four Corners Area were unable to be developed, which greatly limited revenue opportunities for the town. This project enables economic growth that has been unfeasible due to limitations of wastewater disposal.

Environmental Partners successfully supported the Town of Groton in securing a MassWorks Infrastructure Grant for the Four Corners Sewer Extension, running from Groton to Ayer, MA. The award funded the construction of 3,000 feet of new gravity sewer installed via traditional excavation, and 4,000 feet of pressure pipe installed via horizontal direction drilling to convey wastewater flow from Groton’s Four Corners Village to Ayer.

Services included inter-municipal agreement negotiations; development of a design that allows for future expansion of the system; coordination with town boards in both communities; and public outreach. The construction was completed in May 2018, with the first new commercial development on a formerly vacant parcel coming on line one month later. The area continues to grow with new commercial buildings and re-development of existing businesses, revitalizing the area.

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