EP Attends NEWEA 2023 Annual Conference & Exhibit

EP is thrilled to attend New England Water Environmental Association’s (NEWEA) 2023 Annual Conference and Exhibit.

EP kicks off the 4-day event as a Platinum Sponsor for the Young Professionals Summit on Sunday January 22, where Young Professionals in the water and wastewater industry are brought together to learn from industry leaders and network with peers from across New England.

Join the rest of our team Monday through Wednesday at the following technical sessions:

  • On Monday, Eric Kelley, with Maria Rose of the City of Newton, will moderate Session 2, Stormwater 1: Preparing for the Future—Stormwater Quality and Quantity.
    In Session 3, Asset Management 1, Andrew Grota and Ziad Kary will present, “How Long Will That Force Main Last? A Planning Approach for Evaluating, Assessing, and Rehabilitating Ductile Iron Force Mains.”
  • On Tuesday, Natalie Pommersheim, with Joe Keitner of the City of Westfield, will moderate Session 20, Stormwater 2: Innovations in Green Infrastructure.
    In Session 14, Collection Systems 2, Paul Millett will present, “Provincetown’s Wastewater System Implementation Using Design-Build-Operate—20 Years Later.”
  • On Wednesday, Helen Gordon, with Sara Greenberg of GHD, will moderate Session 33, Watershed Management 2: From Stormwater to Regulations—Building Tools to Restore our Ecosystems.
    In Session 25, Collection Systems 3, Andrew Grota and Ziad Kary will present, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place—Expanding Sewer Service in the Town of Stoughton, MA.”
EP Group at Young Professionals Summit at NEWEA Annual Conference