Harbormaster Sewer Extension

Among the many services EP provides for the Town of Tisbury is support for various wastewater projects.

To protect Vineyard Haven Harbor, the Town is initiating a program to connect boat sewage pump-outs from private marinas to the sewer system. The municipality is leading the way by connecting the Town dock and Harbormaster pump-out facility at Owen Park. The project entails constructing 800 feet low pressure sewer via horizontal drilling, including using an abandoned water main as a conduit for 400 feet of the pressure pipe, and a new grinder pump chamber at the pump-out tank.

The project was constructed on a tight schedule to allow for the paving of Main Street prior to the annual Memorial Day March to the Sea by Tisbury School students. Children in grades K through 8 toss flowers into the harbor at Owen Park to honor those who have given their lives for their country.