Paul Millett & Chuck Adelsberger Present at NEWWA Monthly Meeting on RRAs and ERPs

Paul C. Millett, PE, and Chuck Adelsberger, PE, presented at New England Water Works Association’s (NEWWA) January 2021 Monthly Meeting “Risk and Resilience Assessment & Emergency Response Plans: Beast or Burden?”.

Abstract: The 2018 America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) requires water suppliers to prepare an RRA followed by an ERP. Many New England communities are just now realizing that these are more than just “another federal form.” Assessing physical barriers, storage, distribution facilities, pipelines, monitoring practices, financial practices, chemicals handling/storage, O&M practices, and SCADA system security is required. That’s quite a list! This presentation will illustrate how to practically meet these requirements and enhance your system’s resilience.

To learn more about this presentation or preparing an RRA or ERP, contact Paul or Chuck!