New Salem Street Culvert

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    Town of Wakefield

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In 2017, EP was retained to conduct a preliminary investigation and assess the need for repairs of the New Salem Street Culvert in Wakefield, MA. Within the 100-year FEMA floodplain, the area and adjacent roadway upstream, experienced periodic flooding.

Modeling of the existing conditions indicated that the culvert was undersized for the 10-year, 24-hour storm event. Structurally, the culvert was bedded on soils poorly suited as foundation material, causing sections of the culvert to sink.

To address existing and future concerns and issues, including the depression in the roadway the varied elevation of the culvert caused, EP recommended replacing the culvert. Recommendations included transitioning from a CMP (corrugated metal pipe) arched culvert to a 4’ wide by 3’ deep concrete box culvert, and realignment of the local drainage system to better capture surface water and speed the removal of flood waters.

Complicating the design and construction of the project, soils in the area were impacted by hydrocarbons and heavy metals, necessitating special handling and disposal. This work was conducted under a Utility Related Abatement Measure (URAM) to test for and characterize material for safe and proper handling, storage, and disposal.

Completed in January 2022, EP provided services for design, bidding, and construction oversight of the structurally complicated culvert and construction was phased to allow unrestricted access to businesses along the culvert route.

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