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Hazardous Waste Site Management/LSP

Hazardous Waste Site Management/LSP Services

With licensed site professionals (LSP’s) on staff, Environmental Partners Group has overseen the investigation, cleanup, and closure of many Massachusetts Chapter 21E and Federal Superfund sites for private, institutional, municipal, state, and federal clients. This includes conducting human health and ecological risk characterization for the sites. Closure of some of these sites has required the following on-site remedial strategies: air sparging/soil vapor extraction, chemical oxidation (combination of persulfate, Fenton’s reagent, and/or hydrogen peroxide), in-situ stabilization of contaminants, and the installation of engineered barriers. Environmental Partners Group also provides 24-hour emergency response LSP services for sudden releases of oil/hazardous materials.

Since approximately 1995, EPG has been instrumental in the successful completion of the Remedial Investigation, Remedial Design, Remedial Action and Operation and Maintenance of the remedy at this CERCLA site…Of particular note is the manner in which EPG expedited the design and construction of the remedy, including the air sparge/ SVE system and the continued pro-active operation and maintenance of this system, which is fundamental to achieving the remedial action objectives and controlling the overall project costs.” - Client Testimonial


  • Hazardous Waste Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Design, Construction, and Operation of Remediation Systems
    • Excavation/Disposal Soil Management
    • Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging Systems
    • In-situ Chemical Oxidation
    • In-situ Chemical Stabilization
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Hydrogeological investigations/Assessment
  • Method 3 Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments

Burgess Brothers Environmental Monitoring and Superfund Site Cleanup

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